Firebird installer

What is Mozilla Firebird?

Mozilla Firebird (formerly Phoenix) is a web browser based on Netscape Gecko and Mozilla. It is a free, standard-compliant and user-friendly product.

Mozilla Firebird has a lot of great features: Tabbed browsing, customizable toolbars, extensions management, favicon support, smooth scrolling, themes, etc.

Here are some other useful links about Mozilla Firebird:

If you need help (don't know how to install plugins, what is an extension, etc.) you can read the help site (with the Mozilla Firebird FAQ, some tips, all the keyboard shortcuts, themes, etc.) maintained by David Tenser. It's very useful and often updated.

You may also want Mozilla Firebird to have a different look. If so, just go to the themes sections of Mozilla Firebird Help.

The installer

The official Mozilla Firebird releases and nightly builds for Windows are currently only offered in zipped version. Since I think it isn't the more user-friendly way to install a program, I've made a Windows™ installer for Mozilla Firebird, using NSIS.

Here are some of the features of the installer:


If you want to download and install Mozilla Firebird, follow the links in the "Download Firebird" section. Milestone releases are official releases. The home of the French localized version can be found here.

Nightly builds are created each night, and contain the latest improvements and bug fixes. They might also be unstable.
You can download nightly builds either with a full installer or with the web installer. The web installer will automatically download the latest nightly on and install it on your computer. It has all the features of the normal installer, but doesn't force you to come here each time you want to install a nightly build.

Download Mozilla Firebird

The following files are what I use to make the installer. You don't need them, unless you want to make an installer for your program too.

Installation scripts

You can also find these files in's WebCVS:

Note: Work on the installer has stopped as of early June. It's unlikely that it'll get new stuff again. I may still provide installers for official Milestones and localized builds, but I can't promise anything. If you want to provide builds or maintain the code, email me.


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